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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

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The 6th Natural Law of Rhythm

I honor my natural rhythm.
My space is a carefully curated genie bottle of love, affirmations, truths, color, life, symbols and wonder. I am ultra aware of the fact that my actions are the spokes within the wheel of the great universal wheel, and that my thought patterns/energy create the rhythm that will keep my wheel spinning smoothly. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we must discern with GREAT care what we gaze upon and allow into our mental space daily. The soul, afterall, is the internal storehouse that feeds (elevated) or feeds ON (unelevated) our human thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts/emotions generate the energy we emit into the atmosphere which, in turn, defines our rhythm that keeps our wheels within the big wheel spinning smoothly.
Long ago in my meditations God told me repeatedly that I must pray without ceasing (A LOT!) and BELIEVE what I say I believe in. When God speaks, I listen...and execute. On every prayer altar in my crib (I have several), I have the word BELIEVE and something that reminds me to pray. Everything in my life is a psalm of sorts...with prayer somewhere in the mix. Pictured is one of my fav settings of Man and Wombman in prayer (Joseph and Mary, Sango and Osun, Osiris and Isis, etc.) and the word BELIEVE. I meditate on this visual every single day so that it has become a part of my natural thought pattern, which defines my daily rhythm and causes me to pray throughout the day and BELIEVE what I say I believe in.

#6 The Immutable Law of Rhythm states that everything in existence vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish our seasons, cycles, stages of development, patterns, etc. Rhythm reflects the ritualistic nature and order of God's great universe. Everything in existence is involved in a kind of cipher or dance...swaying, flowing, swinging back and forth, up and down, round and round. One move builds upon or influences the next. What seems to be random is actually very orderly. The law of rhythm also governs our economy, health, relationships, and spirituality.

Meditate on what you need RIGHT now. What is your rhythm? What do you think on the most? What are your daily rituals?Take inventory of the space around you and assess whether or not the energy, colors, visuals in your space or on your prayer altar are:
1. Life sustaining
2. Representative of the thoughts you need to generate
3. Supportive of manifestation
4. Meaningful to you
5. In keeping with your spiritual beliefs and rituals

If you DON'T have a prayer altar, RE-READ this post and get started. A prayer altar for one who manifests is water to a fish.
If you do have an altar, take this time at home to clean, shine, re-consecrate and awaken your altar. Make sure it reflects what you plan to manifest into physical form from the heavens...and spend lots of time there in gratitude.
Faith + Work = Manifestation