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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

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November Super Moon Grounding Meditation

Guided Grounding Meditation

Find a comfortable space to sit in for at least 15 minutes. 
Allow your eyes to resonate within the peaceful tone of this picture.
Observe everything in it.
Look at her eyes, the eyes of the spiritual mother, the Great Mother.
Rest your eyes at the top of her forehead.
Envision yourself standing at the top of the white line.
Now walk down the white line and stand in the center of her chin. 
Leap from her chin into the center of the large bubble above her head.
You have entered the bubble of past memories. 
Stand in your past. Think about how you feel.
Run and leap into the second bubble, the bubble of present life.
Stand in the present now. Think about how you feel in this current paradigm.
Take the quick jump into the bubble of future manifestation.
Stand in your future. What does it look like? How do you feel? Are you content or anxious?
Suddenly a beautiful Sankofa Bird with big, beautiful wings comes and carries you off into the birth of your next life. You are a new person/being. What is the first thing you see? 
(I saw yellow flowers the first time, in a window!)
Open your eyes and journal your experience. Just write about your experience, create a poem or get super creative and paint/draw it.

Peace Be With You.