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The 5th Natural Law of Cause and Effect

The Mighty Mos Def has a song entitled "Mathematics" which was released right at the turn of the Millenium on the Black On Both Sides album. He raps bout survival in the hood and demonstrates his lyrical genius to express how life itself is science..."common" sense or "simple mathematics." One + One = Two, or "IF" this happens, "THEN" that will happen (theory of logic). Mos was spot on...

#5 The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is a re-action. A Karma. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Our past experiences, memories and thoughts have collectively led to our current moment, and so on and so forth. Because we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to work extra hard at maintaining balance (Ma'at) by aligning our thoughts and actions with natural law, or namely today, the law of cause and effect.

Let's unpack that a lil. In the #3 Law of Transmutation (posted on 4/1), I used the Life equation, Faith + Work = Manifestation. With the ability to manifest being an inherent human trait/gift, however, we can also plug in different addends depending on the situation, such as Peace + Love, which also lead to ( = ) Manifestation. The equal sign ( = ) in an equation represents true balance, implying that the integers on either side of the equal sign carry the same weight (power, worth, size, etc.) and are at peace with one another.

As a mindfulness exercise, begin to look at the various aspects of your life through cause and effect equations; "If/Then" or "1+1=2". I have shared one that I live by, "Faith + Work = Manifestation". Another is "'IF' I have Love, 'THEN' I can attain Peace." Write down some life equations in your journal and record how and in what situations you will apply your new formulas for balance. It may seem like an elementary challenge, but attaining true balance requires MUCH discipline because at the core of our human experience are memory and desire. That is, the things our heart won't let us forget and the things we want so bad we act outside of ourselves to get it.

If someone hurts your feeling (cause) and you are in a state of unrest over it (effect), for example, create an equation to bring balance to your situation. It's fun...try it. Here's one:
"If I have Love, then I can attain Peace. Peace + Faith = Forgiveness". Straight calculus...fa grown folks. Simple, right? Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Try applying this in the moment when someone pisses you off! LOL. But here is where our internal work begins. Unpack it a bit: "If I have Love (I try to see the situation from the other person's position), then I can attain Peace (the absence of conflict). Peace (the absence of conflict) + Faith (belief in/reliance upon Divine Spirit) = Forgiveness (Manifestation)".

The Law of Cause and Effect will help us be mindful of EVERY choice we make with the goal of enlightenment (speaking for myself), or becoming conscious creators of an elevated reality. Today, the equation I am meditating on is "IF" I seek (true) PEACE, "THEN" I must first embody (true) LOVE".