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January 31st Full Moon Eclipse - Manifest!!!

I feel like the boy who cried "WOLF!" as I write this blog proclaiming the powerFULL celestial fertility of the coming moon, bc truly I declare that EVERY full moon cycle is fertile ground for manifestation. But in THIS moon cycle we have several separate events all taking place on the same day, so the block will be HOTT for manifestation over the next 3 days, and even beyond, like a giant fan blowing our work, goals and aspirations up, up, up to the heavens!! Seriously. Not only is January 31st a full moon, but it's the second full moon in a calendar month...and that second full moon just happens to be a lunar eclipse...bananas! So the key here is to spend the rest of the day and evening today clearing your mind and spirit in preparation for proper meditation tomorrow and this week, the height of the full moon cycle. (beginner's meditation here: Meditate.)  My theme for this fertile cycle is BALANCE IS KEY. Because the sun is in Aquarius and the moon is in Leo, it's a onederfull time to channel our thoughts towards balance and order...in EVERY aspect of our lives from relationships to finance. We must find the center between that which truly requires our full attention in order to fulfill our purpose, and that which we need to give less (much less) of our time to in order to make time for what truly matters. Too much folly happening. Spirit speaks now more than ever that there is way too much low-frequency energy overshadowing the necessary high-frequency love energy we need to manifest LIGHT. On Wednesday I will be journaling with the intention of making my focused intentions plain to God and the universe. I will light 7 white candles to represent light, love and purity of spirit. I will lay prostrate in humble prayer like Job did asking God for forgiveness for what I failed to do and courage to do what I must do. I will perform libation for the past (Angels/Ancestors), present (the living mother and fathers, sisters and brothers) and the future (our children and the unborn). I will release any lingering angst or resentments bc I need room for God's blessings. As I meditate on these things, I will chant and sing affirmations into the ether and record my prayers in my journal to God. For my fellow students of scripture, the scripture for this time is Philippians 8,9: "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—meditate on such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you."
...And then...I continue the work and practice patience and allow God to do the amazing things He does on my behalf...without fail. Ase.


As we are half way through this full moon cycle, my three lil monkeys were the subject of my first meditation of the year. I found them a while ago on a road trip to Arkansas in a tiny "swap shop" way down in the cut. They traveled with me all the way to Chicago. They spoke to me all the way home. I dusted them off, washed them in florida water and gave them a new home on a shelf above my plants.. As I meditated yesterday I considered what it means to love unconditionally as it relates to the message my monkeys are conveying; "Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil." What is the spiritual significance of this ancient symbol?
Well when we hear/see evil, we ingest it, and when we ingest it the evil becomes a part of us. We then need to release it from our being, which often results in our poor choices. Hearing about/seeing violence causes us to act more violently and if left to fester in our psyche, the evil wreaks havoc on our bodies and minds. Thus, the wise maxim “Hear no evil, See no evil” reminds us that when you ‘dance with the devil,’ that energy will consume you.
Speak no evil, however, refers to the outcome the first two. Hearing and seeing involve our receipt of information into the body, while speaking is our expression as a result of the information we received. Henceforth, if you see no evil and hear no evil, then you will ultimately speak no evil because your spirit will be free of the negativity you did not allow into your space. It’s simple mathematics, 1 +1=2.
Here is the deal…the evil that’s all around us…in the TV, on the radio, movies, music, etc…. is much more damaging than we can fathom. It’s having more of a negative effect than we realize. It’s creating cancer in our bodies and in our minds!! Our children are constantly exposed to tremendous evil; and because we don’t realize the damage it’s doing we are not mindful of it and fail to consciously dispel it. Moreover, we are willing participants in its consumption…not out of choice, but because it’s the new normal. Our babies are born and raised into this mind-controlled society, into this corrupt system. We don’t even realize that it has all been purposely designed to destabilize us mentally and physically; keeping we, the sheeple, under control and keeping the masses sick, depressed, fearful and violent. Being somewhat unplugged (no TV or radio), I can SEE the takeover now more than ever.  Grateful to my lil monkies for the reminder. “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.” I choose LOVE. All love. Only love. At all times.