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The 7th Natural Law of Gestation

On this full moon... 
I am sending love to all who stayed with me over the last 7 days as we explored
my favorite 7 Immutable Laws that I live by...and now, hopefully, you will too. 
Tonight is the April Super Moon and the earth is ripe for our eventual manifestation if we plant good seeds. Gestation is the divine growth process between conception and birth within the womb. It is also the development of something over a period of time. For every seed, there is a divine gestation period that the seed needs in order to establish itself from blueprint into full physical form. Tonight's full moon is the PERFECT time to plant some GOOD seeds and turn this shelter in place into a divine journey.

#7 The Natural Law of Gestation states that everything takes time to manifest. Life is a process, not an outcome. All things have a beginning and grow and transform as more energy is supplied over time. Thoughts are like seeds planted in our fertile minds that bloom into our physical experience. EVERYTHING begins in the mind. All the other Laws, in my mind, hang on this one because the other natural laws are intrinsic to our human gestation process. They are earthly keys that unlock the great mysteries and favor that await the enlightened. What we think/do will eventually give birth to something else and so on and so forth.

Use this time to meditate on what you need most right now in your life. Consider your goals and objectives and allow Spirit to speak to you in the silence of your mind. Be open and forgiving and loving to self and have some intentional journal time with just you and GOD. Be very intentional about who you are praying to and what you are praying for. Be clear. Take it from me; you don't wanna plant WRONG seeds in fertile soil, LOL. You don't know WHAT might materialize. Haste makes waste so take your time but be consistent. Create purposeful patterns in your life: listen and talk to your body, give thanks every morning, pray ritualistically.
May God and the Ancestors be pleased by our efforts.