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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

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Peaceful Surrender

Mindfulness is a way of life. 
If you're not meditating daily, then what are you really 
plugged into and what/who is ur source of power?
In today's meditation I allowed my mind,
full of the past 3 weeks, 
to get LOST in the moment.
Take note:
"To lose yourself is a kind of surrender...to be lost in love...lost in a good book...even lost in pain or grief... totally immersed in what is present until it's surroundings fade away. To be lost is to be fully present, and to be fully present is to, at times, be comfy in a state of uncertainty and mystery. In this place we surrender to a power much higher than our own. In this kind of mindful meditation, being lost is a conscious choice, a deliberate surrender that surpasses physical geography. Today I got lost in my head...in the visual of this tree, and I swear I had about 5 revelations. This kind of humble surrender is where I find my truth...every time. Once we understand that the things not immediately visible to us (the spiritual plane) are usually the things we need to find the most in order to fulfill our purpose, THEN, in the midst of our surrender, we will find them. There is great power in letting go...even if just for a moment."