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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

 Create your own sacred space. (it's the gift that keeps on giving) The keys to our inner peace rests within the sacred spaces that we c...


The 1st Natural Law of Divine Oneness

The Great Mothers have opened the Akashic gates and the earth is ripe for manifestation, especially for those who abide by Spirit and the laws of nature (Natural law).  The following 7 posts will focus on the 7 immutable laws of nature that I prescribe to and live by, with simple but meaningful meditations and mindfulness exercises.

Please trust that natural law (the laws that govern and support the earth/atmosphere) are always at work whether we believe/acknowledge it or not. People who turn their nose up at and disregard the immutable laws of nature typically find themselves at odds with life constantly...bumping heads with karma, reciprocity, cause and effect...even gravity! Why live a life against the grain of life? These are all keys and gifts created and provided to us by a very capable sovereign God. Looking for Divine favor? Read, study and meditate on the deeper things; the interworkings of this life plane. Know nature's laws that govern the earth and incorporate this knowledge into your daily rhythm as you pray to God, be mindful of your breath (and how you use it ladies and gentleman!), and think high frequency thoughts.

#1 The Law of Divine Oneness.
My first and favorite law speaks to my personal relationship with God/The Divine/Black Jesus/Orisanla/my ascended angels (my unseen squad). I could just sit with this one and meditate forever! The Law of Divine Oneness states that everything is connected. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us, and ultimately back to ourselves. Our actions MUST at all times reflect the greater GOD/GOOD because, whether we accept it or not, our actions directly and indirectly affect everything and everyone around us. You owe it to your self to be a kind and loving being in the world.

There is no right, single way to meditate, per say...just what's right for YOU. So find your quiet space and meditate on Divine ONEness and what that means for you for 3 to 10 minutes (or longer for those of us who get wisped away into the ethereal cloud of infinite possibilities during meditation. Fill today's journal entry with thoughts, inspirations and prayers that support your relationship to the Divine. Meditate on the words "Divine Oneness" and write down your experience. Move forward as you are nature-ally inspired. One Love! 💚