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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

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The 4th Natural Law of Relativity

I want to remind us that you will not find much TRUE African Spirituality on Google. This is a talk I find myself having frequently. The confusion Google causes is REAL. OMG. African Spirituality requires a student/teacher relationship...since the beginning of time. There is an ancient proverb that says, "When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear." I thank the Most High God for blessing me with REAL teachers over the course of my lifetime...from my Calculus teacher Dr. Wilson who 'happened to be' a Student of Egyptology and member of Ausar/Auset Society to my Godmother who taught me many mysteries at Ile Olodo temple, Dr. Luis Lugo who is my former Biblical Minister, A fellow West Indian and only the second person I'd ever met who was a Scripture lovin, Black African History honoring, Scientist who was NOT Atheist, and others who taught me simply by being the Amazing humans that they were. Like any African Spiritualist, MUCH of what I write you wont find on Google because the info comes from my own journals and written library over the years. Fact is, much of our history and the Mysteries of the African, Melanated Diaspora was passed down word of mouth. Hence forth, every teacher is born of a teacher, otherwise...from where/whom do you learn the mysteries?
Over the last few days we've meditated/journaled on:
#1 The Law of Divine Oneness
#2 The Law of Vibration(Attraction)
#3 The Law of Perpetual Transmutation
#4 Nature's Law of Relativity states that everything is what it is as it relates to something else. One's point of view, for example, is determined by what he or she is relating to. For instance light is only light when you relate it to darkness, positivity is such when you relate it to negativity, Power is so when you relate it to weakness, etc. If you deem me a kind person, your perception is based upon your understanding/experience of the absence/opposite of kindness. For me in my meditations, this law is most beneficial in helping me stay in a state of gratitude for my blessings, and in remembering my own abundance I am ALWAYS reminded of the opposite, or the less fortunate. This natural law makes me cognizant of my relation to everything around me, and how I can maintain balance within my own cipher. Meditate on the things in your life that bring you joy/pleasure. Think about the times in your life in which you were without these things. What did you have instead? Write a story to yourself. Write about a time when you worked to change something that no longer served you into something that does. How were you able to change something negative into something positive? Write down some examples and honor the moments that you achieved true balance in your life. #SelfLove #Itsallrelative