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The 3rd Natural Law of Transmutation

Today I feel a new, well defined balance.
Remember that during this time in which the Great Mothers have opened the gates and the earth is ripe for manifestation, especially for those who abide by Spirit and the laws of nature (Natural law), it's a beYOUtifull time for spiritual supplication. Over the next few days I will be focused and meditating on the remaining 6 of 7 immutable laws of nature that I prescribe to and that I live by.
Ayyyye...please trust that natural law (the laws that govern and support the earth/atmosphere) are always at work whether we believe/acknowledge it or not. People who turn their nose up at and disregard the immutable laws of nature typically find themselves at odds with life constantly...bumping heads with karma, reciprocity, cause and effect...even gravity!
Why live a life against the grain of life? These are all keys and gifts created and provided to us by a very capable sovereign God. Looking for Divine favor? Read, study and meditate on the deeper things; the interworkings of this life plane. Know nature's laws that govern the earth and incorporate this knowledge into your daily rhythm as you pray to God, be mindful of your breath (and how you use it ladies and gentleman!), and think high frequency thoughts.

#3 The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that energy moves in and out of physical form and into many different forms. Your thoughts are creative energy. The more you focus your thinking on what you desire, the more you harness your creative power to move that energy into manifestation. In other words, we have the divine power to TRANSMUTE our thoughts (meta-physical) into physical form. POWERFULL!!!! The Universe organizes itself according to our thoughts. Did you hear me, beloved? I said...THE UNIVERSE ORGANIZES ITSELF ACCORDING TO OUR THOUGHTS! Even when you think, you're transmuting energy. It's a process. Being the scientist that I am, I put everything into equations in my mind. My personal equation for life is Faith + Work = Manifestation. When I think of how to expend my personal energy, I apply this equation. It has NEVER failed me. Energy is a force that just "IS". It is the active ingredient behind the intention for something to exist. Therefore, our energy (the energy we keep, engage, expend, etc.) dictates what we are able to manifest in this life. You can tell the energy of a tree by the quality of fruit it bears.

Journal Application: Meditate on the life equation Faith + Work = Manifestation. In your journal, make 3 columns. Label the first Faith, the second Work and the last column Manifestation. Start in the Manifestation Column and write something you're trying to manifest in your life. Then go to the faith column and write a prayer on behalf of what you seek to manifest. Next go to the work column and write down the actions you plan to execute. Fill the page, if you can, with these life equations. When you have completed this journal over time...recording your thoughts, prayers, experiences, revelations and equations, CONGRATS! You now have your own personal book of manifestion, or as I call my own, my personal book of Black Girl magic! Ase!