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Mysteries, Traditions and Rituals

Early Morning Meditation:
Today's early morning spiritual rituals are for the less fortunate, the homeless and the hungry. 
Many of my personal rituals are a mixture of the traditions within my personal bloodline dating back to Yoruba land, across the diaspora into the Amerikas, 
in keeping with our sacred tools for survival of the atrocities of colonized slavery. For instance, parts of my lineage trace back to the the Lucumi out of West Africa who were transported from West Africa to Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Trinidad and Puerto Rico in the 1800s. My people were forcefully baptized into Catholicism upon their arrival, and later overtime many were evangelized into Priests. The outcome was that my/our Ancestors acknowledged the Christian/Catholic teachings externally, while internally preserving their ancient connections to the Creator and creation. These mysteries, traditions and rituals are beautifully honored and interwoven throughout EVERYTHING I am and do. From the teachings of Black Jesus (not to be confused with any white depictions of this African deity) to the Odu of Orisanla, I am a gatekeeper/priestess/preserver of ancient/ol skool/Black African tradition. 
This morning I arose with the rooster, full of the divine intention of sending love, love and more love energetically, prayerfully and spiritually to the suffering. Do not for ONE second, beloved, discount or disregard the intrinsic power of spiritual ritual. To me, the lack of such is what's wrong with the world today. Praying that we do better in the new year. Sending peace and love to all!!