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Venus Vase

Sacred Valley Anecdotes.
Make your own Venus vase.
Women ARE from Venus, right? lol.
So a Venus vase is simply a pretty vase for your plant or flowers that invokes emotion, beauty, love, creativity, etc, into your personal space. I created a Venus vase for LOVE.
1. Find a pretty glass bowl or vase, the size is totally up to you!
2. Fill the bottom with river rocks, aquarium stones, or sea shells. About 1/3rd of your Vase.
3. Add a second layer of medium sized semi-precious stones. Be sure to research the meaning of the stones because you want to be intentional about the energy of your Venus vase.
4. Next, take a good and faithful Pothos stem/plant or any water-rooting plant and place inside of the vase. Add water, and hold it in place with more stones.
5. Top it off with your favorite large stones, such as Rose Quartz (love), Onyx (protection), Quartz (clarity), Amethyst (Peace), etc., etc.
Alchemy: Plants release energy/oxygen into the atmosphere via the leaves and stems. Place your Venus vase in the window or under good light, bc the (love) green plant cells containing chlorophyll will absorb, store, release, regulate and photosynthesise using the light energy amplified by the energy of the semi-precious stones, and the result will be the transmission of beautiful, meditative, peaceful energy into your space.
From your friendly (former) Scientist. <3 #Venusvase