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Afterthought on the Afterlife

So many of us ponder what happens after we part this earthly realm. Philosophers have been thinking on this since the earliest civilizations. I often wonder myself...although I must admit that I have my own tried and true belief system well intact. God and His Universe...the heavens and the earth...The Orisa as well as the Ancestors...all things work in tandem to provide us experiences that reveal the keys to not only ourselves, but to the great mysteries of life. God is perfect, and created us in His perfect image. If these things are true then we must regard the various cultures of the world as a part of such beautiful perfection...handcrafted by God Himself. Therefore, we should not judge or regard another's belief system in a derogatory manner when we do not share the same school of thought. Instead, we should say, "That is where that person's experiences has lead them to." That is not to say that the person doesn't need some assistance or guidance along their path. It is simply important to remember that our thoughts and words carry life and/or death. Our words and thoughts are either life-producing or death-inducing. Choose life.
Cultural overlap on earth allows tradition and ritual practices to blend and feed into one another. If we spent more time honoring the "process," that is, the individual journey. oh what beautiful revelations we would encounter! So much to be learned and appreciated. As a Spiritualist and Teacher, I have gained priceless wisdom along my path in quiet reverance of the universal process of seeking and finding. I am particularly interested in the things that happen the moment we leave this earthly realm. Some of the most popular transitional destinations I have come across in my studies are as follows:

  • Paradise: The place that Jesus ascended to following his death. A perfect waiting place. 
  • Purgatory: The realm of lost souls and departed spirits
  • Heaven: Your soul immediately returns to God. A timeless state. 
  • Transcendence: Your soul is returned to the Great Mind state, rejoining the sea of consciousness from which it came.
  • Awakening: Your soul arrives in pure light. Having shed the physical body, we see truth with acute clarity for the first time.
  • Transmigration (Also referred by some as purgatory): The soul is caught up in the cycles of rebirth. Depending on your Karma, your soul returns to earth in a better or worse. higher or lower form.
The Akasha itself, or the source of consciousness and creativity, is the highest state of the soul's journey. It is translated into one of the aforementioned categories of consciousness respectively, depending on who you ask and/or what part of the earth you're in. The common assumption is that no one really knows what happens after we die...but I do not believe this, per se. I believe this knowledge is attainable...I personally believe that I have attained this wisdom indeed. The teachings of Prophet Jesus say that if we seek, we will find. We receive not because we do not ask, and when we do, we ask amiss. Truly, the answers to the questions we wonder everyday are right beneath our nose. We just fail to look hard enough,