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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

 Create your own sacred space. (it's the gift that keeps on giving) The keys to our inner peace rests within the sacred spaces that we c...


Finding Peace

To meditate is to experience the limitless ability of the mind when it is no longer dominated by our never-ending thoughts, desires, anxieties, fears & wonders. Like the beautiful clear blue sky hidden behind the clouds, if our minds are always clouded by thoughts and things, we never get to truly experience this limitless ability that's so divinely available to us. A clear and peaceful mind is what allows us to see through to and even beyond the bottom of the pool. It is here in this dim lit place where we are formally introduced to our "lower" selves; that part of our being that likes to drag us to the bottom instead of helping us remain afloat. Oh yes! The "Alter-Intro," as I call it, in which we find ourselves wrestling with that part of our psyche that likes to trip us up at times and causes one to question his/her own ability to make sound decisions in certain situations...not ALL... just certain ones. So much to be learned, retained and discarded out of our lives in this space. So much to sift through and ponder and comprehend, and comprehension is key. But at the center of everything...where day meets the night...nestled deep within the corridors of the mind rests tranquility.  It is ever-abundant if only we could make it there...to that place beyond the mountain of the 3 blind witches, beyond Medusa's deadly gaze...beyond, even, the wrestle with the devil at the mountain top. Yes,somewhere over the rainbow we find peace. Along the journey, however, some of us must grow gills & tails...some of us wings...others a second layer of skin in order to survive the elements. Whatever the case, SURVIVE. Do what you must do in this life to attain and maintain your peace, beloved. And when you find it, sit with it awhile...take hold of it and bring it back up to the surface with you. Enjoy.