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Channeling Your Emotions

Thoughts and emotions are closely connected. Depending on our mood, the words we speak can spiral our personal realities out of control - often times unbeknownst to the individual. So many of us are wound tight and ready to react immediately. No good...and knee-jerk reactions to situations imply a deeper issue: frustration with the self, for starters. How often do we know that there's no reason to be depressed, or that our angry response to a situation was not the best solution. We are responsible for our own emotions, yet we are slave to them. We must tap into our our emotions and regain control, Meditate, Channel. Open up your emotional pathways so that you can see beyond the things that frustrate you. By clearing that mental canvas, we learn to distinguish between healthy, problem-solving thoughts and destructive ones. Afterall, thoughts are things that eventually become reality. You think negative, you draw more negativity. You think positive and eventually your woes become wows. Simply put, you must learn to channel your emotions if you ever desire to gain control of them as opposed to your emotions controlling you.

Simple Meditation for Overcoming Emotions
  • Wherever you are, find a comfy sitting or lying position
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a bit
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing each part of your body
  • Begin at the tips of your toes and envision the blood flowing throughout your body to the top of  your head, the Crown Chakra (Sanskrit) or your Ori (Yoruba).
  • Once you are focused on your blood flow, tune in to your breathing pattern.
  • Breathe in through your nose (if possible) and out through your mouth, making an "Ohhh"or "Ahhh"sound as you exhale. (DO NOT skip these steps. Breathing is EVERYTHING)
  • Once your breathing is regulated, channel your attention towards your thoughts and feelings. Let them roam free for a while in your mind, 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Are these thoughts mostly negative? Full of anxiety? Fear? Worry? Or mostly peaceful?
  • Next, capture your thoughts and move them to the outer space of your mind. This is called Clearing Your Canvas
  • Push all thoughts that try to enter your mind to the outer edges of your mental plane. Do not entertain these thoughts. Release them expeditiously.
  • Try to focus on your clear canvas, that is, the pure space in the center of your mind, 
  • Keeping calm and still, continue this exercise until your canvas is clear. 
  • Next, choose a mantra  to focus on. One that you want to embody or bring into fruition. Some from my personal list are:
    • I am patient and becoming more patient everyday.
    • I give love. I receive love. I am love.
    • No weapons formed against me shall prosper. (For heavy spiritual attacks)
    • Everything is GOOD.
  • Put your mantra in the center of your canvas and chant it quietly to yourself.
  • Feel your mantra become a reality. Make it a reality in your mind.
  • Chant for as long as you are able/comfortable, and then continue to speak your mantra in your mind (or aloud) throughout the day. 
  • Write down your experience in your journal.
By repeating this meditation, you change your current way of thinking over TIME. You cause yourself to begin to believe your mantra so that it becomes your truth. You are now employing the magnificent law of attraction in a positive way. Remember:

Thoughts become ideas.
Ideas become beliefs.
Beliefs become actions.
Actions become behavior.
Behavior becomes habit,
Habit becomes practice.
Practice becomes Character.
Character determines Karma.

Peace be with you.