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Montrose Morning Meditation

The parts of my life tell a story-
it was meant to be told.
My tale is a glass menagerie of memories old..
 memories new...
innervisions of an innercity girl that somehow came true.
My right foot pivots on the shoulder blade of time.
I AM LIFE in the same way that ten cents is a dime.
(It's all about perspective)
I sit here in quiet fear
of the waves that rush against the shore;
caught between a rock and a hard place,
I SEE less but FEEL more.
The world is so cold but there is SUN in my core,
for I am rich in God's love though my pockets feel poor.
Like the four corners of the earth,
I give birth to freedom!
I carry the children in my crown
so the enemy cannot see them!
And when the winds of war blow swiftly I take up my wings and soar...
beyond the moon, above the stars, flying free through heaven's door.