Monday, April 3, 2017

7 is Divine Completion

I love everything about this photo. I mean, aside from the fact that Jay Electronica is just the coolest Emcee ever (…)...and aside from the fact that he's sportin his supa fly NOI suit-up and holdin up our North African predecessors (Moors)...check out them 7s. On the jersey and on the neck piece. The number 7 represents completion and has been quite prevalent in my life. In scripture, for instance, 7s are often found in contexts involving completeness or divine perfection. Flaws and all, everyday I take time...sometimes a little, sometimes a place my mind on the divine and think of what completion means for me in that moment. Every day. So according to the natural laws that govern this earth in which we dwell, that means that I am creating completion around me. Anything I start will come full circle. Contentment will always be in arms reach because with my mind I manifest a vibration of completion. The more complete one is in and of themselves, the less baggage they carry around. The less baggage one carries, the more peaceful they feel. The more peaceful one becomes, the more love and even more peace they are free and open to draw to themselves. It's really that simple. Such is life...much of what we wanna obtain is right at our fingertips, but the path to personal success is SO simple that we make it complex. We walk around the forest in search of the pond, but the pond was right there in front of us. Western culture has turned our eyes away from the light so we walk in darkness in search of the light...when the light was already shining on us. At some point one has to sit still long enough, painstakingly enough, to SEE what's already given to us. GOD is perfect and we are naturally made in God's perfection, but Western culture has lied to us and we believe the lie...
I love this picture because Jay is straight representin.' He understands where the truth lies and he embodies his truth in word and culture. When I say #RockYourCulture or #RockYourCrown that's what I mean. Cover your temple with your truth. The heart is the lamp and the body is the lamp shade. I don't know about you but in my crib the lamp shade is everything! The lampshade translates how others interpret the light, feel me?
Brothers, Sisters...complete your own self first. Find your inner 7...find your own light and find your own path. This is the FIRST rule of engagement for any soldier. How can we lead another being to the light when we ourselves have yet to find it?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Super Moon Grounding Meditation

Guided Grounding Meditation

Find a comfortable space to sit in for at least 15 minutes. 
Allow your eyes to resonate within the peaceful tone of this picture.
Observe everything in it.
Look at her eyes, the eyes of the spiritual mother, the Great Mother.
Rest your eyes at the top of her forehead.
Envision yourself standing at the top of the white line.
Now walk down the white line and stand in the center of her chin. 
Leap from her chin into the center of the large bubble above her head.
You have entered the bubble of past memories. 
Stand in your past. Think about how you feel.
Run and leap into the second bubble, the bubble of present life.
Stand in the present now. Think about how you feel in this current paradigm.
Take the quick jump into the bubble of future manifestation.
Stand in your future. What does it look like? How do you feel? Are you content or anxious?
Suddenly a beautiful Sankofa Bird with big, beautiful wings comes and carries you off into the birth of your next life. You are a new person/being. What is the first thing you see? 
(I saw yellow flowers the first time, in a window!)
Open your eyes and journal your experience. Just write about your experience, create a poem or get super creative and paint/draw it.

Peace Be With You.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paradise Garden Affirmation Trinidad

I am love.
I am power.
I am a manifestation of all
that is good and pure and light.
I am free,
I am happy as can be.
GOD is my source.
To GOD and GOD alone do I 
lift up my voice in prayer and supplication.
I am FULL of gratitude & joy
for every moment GOD has afforded me.
I am thankful,
and I offer my spirit
as a living sacrifice
to improve and build the Kingdom of Heaven
right here on earth.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

This temple that houses the soul
is subject to the wear and tear of life...
but the soul itself...the soul shall transcend
beyond this earth...
beyond this existence...
into the ethers and the heavenly places.