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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Gele Day 2019 with Master Teacher Shola Caroline Arewa

I had an amazing time with Master Teacher, Energy4Life Coach and Author of Opening to Spirit, Shola Caroline Arewa, who traveled from London for a week to do some workshops for my nonprofit organization the Wrap Your beYOUty Movement.
Do you believe that angels walk among us? Do you believe that when we see them, they see us? 
Hosting Shola for Gele Day 2019 is a true Sankofa moment for me, marking the first time I consciously made contact with an earth Angel who actually gave me her book almost 20 years ago. I was 28 years old, unmarried, a single mother and on the beginning of my initiation to receive my Hand of Ifa. My godmother had sent me on an assignment to complete at Transitions bookstore. I was being trained on how to use my natural Ase', so my assignment this day was to let Spirit lead me to choosing my next book to read for the next leg of my initiation. So there I was, sitting "criss-cross-applesauce" in the middle of one of the isles in the bookstore. The adjoined cafe was full of members/friends from the Ausar/Auset society so it was especially challenging to find my inner quiet to meditate. I remember sitting and thinking, "How the heck am I supposed to know what to do? I cant even hear my own thoughts." I was a little frustrated but determined. In that moment an elder man's voice answered me as though he could read my mind! 
"This is a good thing you are doing, young sister. Let spirit guide. The answers are right in front of you." He said. I opened my eyes and looked up to find an elder quaintly dressed Black man in a shirt and slacks. I felt warm instantly and began to share with him what I was trying to do. He listened patiently and then extended his hand to help me off the floor. He pointed to a book right in front of me and pulled it from the shelf. It read, "Opening to Spirit." He told me that this book was what I needed and to study the wisdom in this book. We walked and talked on our way to the register. He made my visit so easy and I was so incredibly grateful thinking of how proud my godmother would be. When we got to the register he wrote a note in the front of my book and then insisted on paying for it!!! I couldnt believe it. I was full of joy and began to share with the girl at the register what an amazing day I was having. As she bagged up my book I turned to thank "Mr. Donathan" again but like POOF he was gone. Where he went? I will never ever know. What I know in my heart? He was my Angel that day. He gifted me Shola's book which began my journey as the Spiritual Healer I am to this day...to my core. We have come full circle and I have my village of Queens with me to experience this healing. It doesn't get much better than that. #Facts

5am early rise with my Creator. 
Grateful for this breath I've been given, once again, this day. 
New moon vibrations give inspiration to my Spirit. 
I am present and mindful of my purpose here. 
I sit before my prayer alter and meditate on my beautiful gladiolus that were gifted me. 
They dance before me, stems outspread and curvaceous and regal. 
I imagine that I embody their glory. I close my eyes and say prayers for the souls of those no longer with us in flesh but forever with us in Spirit, from the beautiful daughter of my sister Kandase Khepra, Maatkara, to our community power house sister Jada Russell. 
I am full. 
My heart is both heavy and light. 
In their honor, I live. I grow. I love. 
Olodumare, Ibaiye, Ibaiye tonu; I give praise to GOD, 
the owner of existence and those who have made the sacrifices for life. 
Kosi Ku gbogbo ajogun; keep away all negativity. 
J'eki ni Alafia ati Iwa; give me peace, prosperity and good character. 
Today is the day the Lord has made, and I shall rejoice and be glad in it. 
Asé O!❤

The temple body is sacred. Any jewels I adorn my temple with serve a purpose and/or have spiritual significance in my cipher. This vintage medallion has been with me 18 years. Horses are one of Sango's sacred animals and these beautiful creatures represent transformation and freedom. Just like my horse...darkness cannot hold me...I emerge from the shadows and RISE.✨✨✨🧜🏿‍♀️

Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Moon Meditation - Balancing the Emotions

It's the NEW MOON! (ready?)
There is much spiritual work to be done.
I say this repeatedly on my social media bc I know the power of repetition. A tried and true tool for instruction. I am encountering far too many humans who do not know how to quiet their minds, or meditate, or sit alone in silence for long periods of time...these are all necessary tools for real mental, spiritual and emotional growth and elevation. Without it, adults behave as children and children as adults. Just take a look around.
Centering is important and this New Moon for me is about centering the emotions and quieting the intellect. Not silencing...just quieting. The intellect is the dwelling place of the ego and loves to rival the emotions. So this new moon is about balancing the emotions that have taken a real beaten by the ego. We have all been affected by the ego in numerous ways. Emotions are meant to guide and "feel" and discern. That lil birdie on our shoulder that tells us what we know we should do speaks through our emotions. But today's lawless society teaches us to medicate the emotions so we can do what we gotta do to feed the ego. So the ego is what's driving this ship. Below is a simple meditation that I have used for years and years...so much so that it's more like a prayer to me now. Center your thoughts (mind) so that you can hear your true emotions. Dispel any lingering negative thoughts that creep into your psyche daily...it's in the air we breathe. There is much spiritual work to be done...but we have got to be in a space to hear from Spirit if we are to do the works of the Spirit. Each day we must be made NEW.
"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
~The Scriptures


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Peace, Be Still


Emotions seem to make us nuts, dont they? All over the friggin place...from happenstance to happenstance, it seems that we can go from 0 to 10 in the blink of an eye depending on the issue (and what sign you are astrologically;-)). The crazy thing is that with all of this emotion comes a myriad of physical responses. Emotions are forms of energy that run throughout our bodies like electrical currents. Each emotion has a frequency of its own and this is where things get real. The most common (and DEADLY) emotions such as Anger and fear resonate at the same frequency as the color red. The root Chakra (genitalia) also resonates at this frequency. Love, however, resonates at the same frequency as ultra-violet light.  It is the highest visible frequency; the third eye Chakra spins at this high frequency as well.
We must carefully watch these emotionally charged electrical currents because they travel along our neural pathways and trigger the release of chemical proteins called neuropeptides (Np). Each Np controls different physiological functions within our body. From Oxytocin & Adrenalin...to various hormones & endorphines, everything we think and feel has the potential to physically help or harm us. For example, joy, orgasms, happiness and laughter cause the release of endorphins, or powerful opiates that make us feel good. Such feelings are extremely helpful because they help boost our immune system, relax muscles, elevate our mood and decrease pain.
Fear, anxiety and stress, on the other hand, release adrenalin, cortisol & norepinephrine. These Nps cause the heart to race, blood vessels to dilate and muscle to tighten. When we feel these kinds of emotions, it is important to find the time to meditate and sort through them. We must positively channel these powerful electrical currents and turn the negative energy into positive energy. Focus on your energy.


The Beginner's Mind Meditation
(Clear Your Canvas)
"By meditation upon light and upon radiance, 
knowledge of the spirit can be reached 
and peace can be achieved."
Patanjali, 300B.C.

  • Change into loose,comfy clothing so that your sitting is not restricted in any way
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  • Sit comfy on the ground, with your legs outstretched or crossed
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing each part of your body
  • Begin at the tips of your toes and envision the blood flowing throughout your body to the top of  your head, the Crown Chakra (Sanskrit) or your Ori (Yoruba).
  • Once you are focused on your blood flow, tune in to your breathing pattern.
  • Breathe in through your nose (if possible) and out through your mouth, making an "Ohhh"or "Ahhh"sound as you exhale.
  • Once your breathing is regulated, channel your attention towards your thoughts and feelings. Let them roam free for a while in your mind, 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Next, capture your thoughts and move them to the outer space of your mind. This is called "Clear Your Canvas" meditation. 
  • Expeditiously push all thoughts that race for the center of your mind to the outer edges, far left/far right,etc.
  • Try to focus on your clear canvas, that is, the pure space in the center of your mind, entertaining no thoughts that try to invade that space.
  • Keeping calm and still, continue this exercise for 2 to 5 minutes. 
  • Once you reach your calm space, begin to envision a circle. Look through the circle and around the circle. Write the words,"I AM PEACE" inside of the circle. Focus and meditate on these words for as long as you feel led to. If the words try to fade or disappear, re-write them. Let nothing enter into your mind accept for this mantra.
  • When you are done, give thanks to God, the Universe and the Ancestors and close out/seal your prayers with "Amen," "So shall it be,"  "Ase," or the equivalent.
Peace be unto you.