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Creating Our Own Sacred Space

 Create your own sacred space. (it's the gift that keeps on giving) The keys to our inner peace rests within the sacred spaces that we c...


Love holds no grievances.
It feels so good to roll these words from my lips bc it took years to get here. I believe that one of our greatest challenges as earth dwellers is learning to remove the personality from our concept of unconditional love. Said "conditions" lie within the thresholds of one's personality. Imagine if we stopped trying to own and control lady LOVE...for this high frequency emotion is the beginning and end of itself and does not need our assistance, accept to simply be beautiful vessels through which it can flow freely...attracting what is good and avoiding what is not good/conducive to the acquisition of more love (law of attraction and reciprocity). Love, in it's purest form, has the ability to grow and to purge...to produce and to prune. Only we get in it's way...with our conditions and misguided agreements we make with ourselves early on.
Some ancient spiritualists and philosophers deem it impossible for one's ego to let go of grievances in order to let love flow freely...but bc we need more love, for that reason alone I believe we are capable of embodying it...we just have to believe we can. Love is not an irony. It is not a contradiction...nor is it a euphemism for some other lower frequency emotion. Love is key to facing our deepest fears and prioritizing our most shallow thoughts. Love does not possess nor does it desire to be possessed. It is FREE. Or it is not love.
This New Moon signifies self love through rebirth and renewal. The idea of setting our intentions during the New Moon is so that we can manifest and execute our intentions by the Full Moon. Whether your intention is to attract your soul mate, grow spiritually or land your dream job, your ability to be a divine vessel through which pure divine love can flow will ultimately dictate your ability to manifest your intentions and what is intended for you. If you have not already set your love intentions, the earth is ripe to do so. If you have, meditate on them and prepare to operate from your new high frequency. Only a magnificent GOD would be so gracious to give us these celestial reminders that, like the seasons and the phases of the moon, self-regeneration and renewal is the cycle of life.
I, personally, am on the journey of relaxing the ego/personality so that love can always find me, dwell within me, and flow through me. If you do not know what journey you're on, then you have work to do. #gettowork

Mysteries, Traditions and Rituals

Early Morning Meditation:
Today's early morning spiritual rituals are for the less fortunate, the homeless and the hungry. 
Many of my personal rituals are a mixture of the traditions within my personal bloodline dating back to Yoruba land, across the diaspora into the Amerikas, 
in keeping with our sacred tools for survival of the atrocities of colonized slavery. For instance, parts of my lineage trace back to the the Lucumi out of West Africa who were transported from West Africa to Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Trinidad and Puerto Rico in the 1800s. My people were forcefully baptized into Catholicism upon their arrival, and later overtime many were evangelized into Priests. The outcome was that my/our Ancestors acknowledged the Christian/Catholic teachings externally, while internally preserving their ancient connections to the Creator and creation. These mysteries, traditions and rituals are beautifully honored and interwoven throughout EVERYTHING I am and do. From the teachings of Black Jesus (not to be confused with any white depictions of this African deity) to the Odu of Orisanla, I am a gatekeeper/priestess/preserver of ancient/ol skool/Black African tradition. 
This morning I arose with the rooster, full of the divine intention of sending love, love and more love energetically, prayerfully and spiritually to the suffering. Do not for ONE second, beloved, discount or disregard the intrinsic power of spiritual ritual. To me, the lack of such is what's wrong with the world today. Praying that we do better in the new year. Sending peace and love to all!!

Creating Our Own Sacred Space

 Create your own sacred space.
(it's the gift that keeps on giving)
The keys to our inner peace rests within the sacred spaces that we create for ourselves...
Spaces that inspire meditation and deep thought.
Spaces choc full of wonderful aromas and prayer settings that
foster deepened relationships with God and the divine.
An ideal space for me inspires Sankofa;
I can relax my mind, reflecting on the past and planning my future.
The air should be full of oxygen rich plants and flowers
rendering the space ripe for growth,
as well as mental, physical and spiritual stimulation.
We need spaces that are ripe for new beginnings,
fertile ground for our maturity...
and when we know what brings us peace,
we should surround ourselves in it.

The 1st Natural Law of Divine Oneness

The Great Mothers have opened the Akashic gates and the earth is ripe for manifestation, especially for those who abide by Spirit and the laws of nature (Natural law).  The following 7 posts will focus on the 7 immutable laws of nature that I prescribe to and live by, with simple but meaningful meditations and mindfulness exercises.

Please trust that natural law (the laws that govern and support the earth/atmosphere) are always at work whether we believe/acknowledge it or not. People who turn their nose up at and disregard the immutable laws of nature typically find themselves at odds with life constantly...bumping heads with karma, reciprocity, cause and effect...even gravity! Why live a life against the grain of life? These are all keys and gifts created and provided to us by a very capable sovereign God. Looking for Divine favor? Read, study and meditate on the deeper things; the interworkings of this life plane. Know nature's laws that govern the earth and incorporate this knowledge into your daily rhythm as you pray to God, be mindful of your breath (and how you use it ladies and gentleman!), and think high frequency thoughts.

#1 The Law of Divine Oneness.
My first and favorite law speaks to my personal relationship with God/The Divine/Black Jesus/Orisanla/my ascended angels (my unseen squad). I could just sit with this one and meditate forever! The Law of Divine Oneness states that everything is connected. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us, and ultimately back to ourselves. Our actions MUST at all times reflect the greater GOD/GOOD because, whether we accept it or not, our actions directly and indirectly affect everything and everyone around us. You owe it to your self to be a kind and loving being in the world.

There is no right, single way to meditate, per say...just what's right for YOU. So find your quiet space and meditate on Divine ONEness and what that means for you for 3 to 10 minutes (or longer for those of us who get wisped away into the ethereal cloud of infinite possibilities during meditation. Fill today's journal entry with thoughts, inspirations and prayers that support your relationship to the Divine. Meditate on the words "Divine Oneness" and write down your experience. Move forward as you are nature-ally inspired. One Love! πŸ’š


The 2nd Natural Law of Vibration (Attraction)

Today I feel loved and protected by Divine Spirit.
Remember that during this time in which the Great Mothers have opened the gates and the earth is ripe for manifestation, especially for those who abide by Spirit and the laws of nature (Natural law), it's a beYOUtifull time for spiritual supplication. I will focus on the natural, immutable laws of nature that I prescribe to and live by, so grab your water, your pillow and your journal!

Please trust that natural law (the laws that govern and support the earth/atmosphere) are always at work whether we believe/acknowledge it or not. People who turn their nose up at and disregard the immutable laws of nature typically find themselves at odds with life constantly...bumping heads with karma, reciprocity, cause and effect...even gravity! Why live a life against the grain of life? These are all keys and gifts created and provided to us by a very capable sovereign God. Looking for Divine favor? Read, study and meditate on the deeper things; the interworkings of this life plane. Know nature's laws that govern the earth and incorporate this knowledge into your daily rhythm as you pray to God, be mindful of your breath (and how you use it ladies and gentleman!), and think high frequency thoughts.

#2 The Law of Vibration (Attraction) states that life is always moving. Nothing is static; everything moves; everything vibrates. Everything flows in and flows out again. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration. Consider the swing of the pendulum and it's balanced, synchronized movements from left to right. This mimics the naturally rhythmic movement of life itself, when we as humans don't ebb the flow. The consistent, rhythmic movement of the pendulum is evident in everything. According to the Masters of Ancient Egypt, the vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it appears at rest, like an airplane moving across the sky or a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. On the other hand, there are other types of matter whose vibrations are so low they appear stagnant (like some of us! #message). Between these polarities there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. From the atom and molecule to universal galaxies...everything is in vibratory motion. Because vibes/energy travelling at the same frequency resonate/attract one another, this law is also referred to as the law of attraction.

Journal application: Meditate on the inner movements of your being...I like to focus on the movement of my blood through my body. In the silence, consider the areas of stagnancy and rigidity in your life. Journal in one column the areas of stagnancy and in the other column write down the ways in which you will overcome and live a FLEXIBLE life of more flow than ebb.
Whatever is rigid must be given room to breathe. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like energy and everything is energy, including your thoughts. What are some of the things you want to attract to yourself? Why? And how will you vibrate at the necessary frequency to attract what you seek? Being focused on a particular thought or idea attracts its vibrational match...soooooooo WATCH WHAT THOUGHTS/ACTIONS/INTENTIONS YOU'RE ENTERTAINING! Beloved...all of our lives depend on it. Welcome to 2020.

The 3rd Natural Law of Transmutation

Today I feel a new, well defined balance.
Remember that during this time in which the Great Mothers have opened the gates and the earth is ripe for manifestation, especially for those who abide by Spirit and the laws of nature (Natural law), it's a beYOUtifull time for spiritual supplication. Over the next few days I will be focused and meditating on the remaining 6 of 7 immutable laws of nature that I prescribe to and that I live by.
Ayyyye...please trust that natural law (the laws that govern and support the earth/atmosphere) are always at work whether we believe/acknowledge it or not. People who turn their nose up at and disregard the immutable laws of nature typically find themselves at odds with life constantly...bumping heads with karma, reciprocity, cause and effect...even gravity!
Why live a life against the grain of life? These are all keys and gifts created and provided to us by a very capable sovereign God. Looking for Divine favor? Read, study and meditate on the deeper things; the interworkings of this life plane. Know nature's laws that govern the earth and incorporate this knowledge into your daily rhythm as you pray to God, be mindful of your breath (and how you use it ladies and gentleman!), and think high frequency thoughts.

#3 The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that energy moves in and out of physical form and into many different forms. Your thoughts are creative energy. The more you focus your thinking on what you desire, the more you harness your creative power to move that energy into manifestation. In other words, we have the divine power to TRANSMUTE our thoughts (meta-physical) into physical form. POWERFULL!!!! The Universe organizes itself according to our thoughts. Did you hear me, beloved? I said...THE UNIVERSE ORGANIZES ITSELF ACCORDING TO OUR THOUGHTS! Even when you think, you're transmuting energy. It's a process. Being the scientist that I am, I put everything into equations in my mind. My personal equation for life is Faith + Work = Manifestation. When I think of how to expend my personal energy, I apply this equation. It has NEVER failed me. Energy is a force that just "IS". It is the active ingredient behind the intention for something to exist. Therefore, our energy (the energy we keep, engage, expend, etc.) dictates what we are able to manifest in this life. You can tell the energy of a tree by the quality of fruit it bears.

Journal Application: Meditate on the life equation Faith + Work = Manifestation. In your journal, make 3 columns. Label the first Faith, the second Work and the last column Manifestation. Start in the Manifestation Column and write something you're trying to manifest in your life. Then go to the faith column and write a prayer on behalf of what you seek to manifest. Next go to the work column and write down the actions you plan to execute. Fill the page, if you can, with these life equations. When you have completed this journal over time...recording your thoughts, prayers, experiences, revelations and equations, CONGRATS! You now have your own personal book of manifestion, or as I call my own, my personal book of Black Girl magic! Ase!

The 4th Natural Law of Relativity

I want to remind us that you will not find much TRUE African Spirituality on Google. This is a talk I find myself having frequently. The confusion Google causes is REAL. OMG. African Spirituality requires a student/teacher relationship...since the beginning of time. There is an ancient proverb that says, "When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear." I thank the Most High God for blessing me with REAL teachers over the course of my lifetime...from my Calculus teacher Dr. Wilson who 'happened to be' a Student of Egyptology and member of Ausar/Auset Society to my Godmother who taught me many mysteries at Ile Olodo temple, Dr. Luis Lugo who is my former Biblical Minister, A fellow West Indian and only the second person I'd ever met who was a Scripture lovin, Black African History honoring, Scientist who was NOT Atheist, and others who taught me simply by being the Amazing humans that they were. Like any African Spiritualist, MUCH of what I write you wont find on Google because the info comes from my own journals and written library over the years. Fact is, much of our history and the Mysteries of the African, Melanated Diaspora was passed down word of mouth. Hence forth, every teacher is born of a teacher, otherwise...from where/whom do you learn the mysteries?
Over the last few days we've meditated/journaled on:
#1 The Law of Divine Oneness
#2 The Law of Vibration(Attraction)
#3 The Law of Perpetual Transmutation
#4 Nature's Law of Relativity states that everything is what it is as it relates to something else. One's point of view, for example, is determined by what he or she is relating to. For instance light is only light when you relate it to darkness, positivity is such when you relate it to negativity, Power is so when you relate it to weakness, etc. If you deem me a kind person, your perception is based upon your understanding/experience of the absence/opposite of kindness. For me in my meditations, this law is most beneficial in helping me stay in a state of gratitude for my blessings, and in remembering my own abundance I am ALWAYS reminded of the opposite, or the less fortunate. This natural law makes me cognizant of my relation to everything around me, and how I can maintain balance within my own cipher. Meditate on the things in your life that bring you joy/pleasure. Think about the times in your life in which you were without these things. What did you have instead? Write a story to yourself. Write about a time when you worked to change something that no longer served you into something that does. How were you able to change something negative into something positive? Write down some examples and honor the moments that you achieved true balance in your life. #SelfLove #Itsallrelative

The 5th Natural Law of Cause and Effect

The Mighty Mos Def has a song entitled "Mathematics" which was released right at the turn of the Millenium on the Black On Both Sides album. He raps bout survival in the hood and demonstrates his lyrical genius to express how life itself is science..."common" sense or "simple mathematics." One + One = Two, or "IF" this happens, "THEN" that will happen (theory of logic). Mos was spot on...

#5 The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is a re-action. A Karma. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Our past experiences, memories and thoughts have collectively led to our current moment, and so on and so forth. Because we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to work extra hard at maintaining balance (Ma'at) by aligning our thoughts and actions with natural law, or namely today, the law of cause and effect.

Let's unpack that a lil. In the #3 Law of Transmutation (posted on 4/1), I used the Life equation, Faith + Work = Manifestation. With the ability to manifest being an inherent human trait/gift, however, we can also plug in different addends depending on the situation, such as Peace + Love, which also lead to ( = ) Manifestation. The equal sign ( = ) in an equation represents true balance, implying that the integers on either side of the equal sign carry the same weight (power, worth, size, etc.) and are at peace with one another.

As a mindfulness exercise, begin to look at the various aspects of your life through cause and effect equations; "If/Then" or "1+1=2". I have shared one that I live by, "Faith + Work = Manifestation". Another is "'IF' I have Love, 'THEN' I can attain Peace." Write down some life equations in your journal and record how and in what situations you will apply your new formulas for balance. It may seem like an elementary challenge, but attaining true balance requires MUCH discipline because at the core of our human experience are memory and desire. That is, the things our heart won't let us forget and the things we want so bad we act outside of ourselves to get it.

If someone hurts your feeling (cause) and you are in a state of unrest over it (effect), for example, create an equation to bring balance to your situation. It's fun...try it. Here's one:
"If I have Love, then I can attain Peace. Peace + Faith = Forgiveness". Straight calculus...fa grown folks. Simple, right? Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Try applying this in the moment when someone pisses you off! LOL. But here is where our internal work begins. Unpack it a bit: "If I have Love (I try to see the situation from the other person's position), then I can attain Peace (the absence of conflict). Peace (the absence of conflict) + Faith (belief in/reliance upon Divine Spirit) = Forgiveness (Manifestation)".

The Law of Cause and Effect will help us be mindful of EVERY choice we make with the goal of enlightenment (speaking for myself), or becoming conscious creators of an elevated reality. Today, the equation I am meditating on is "IF" I seek (true) PEACE, "THEN" I must first embody (true) LOVE".

The 6th Natural Law of Rhythm

I honor my natural rhythm.
My space is a carefully curated genie bottle of love, affirmations, truths, color, life, symbols and wonder. I am ultra aware of the fact that my actions are the spokes within the wheel of the great universal wheel, and that my thought patterns/energy create the rhythm that will keep my wheel spinning smoothly. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we must discern with GREAT care what we gaze upon and allow into our mental space daily. The soul, afterall, is the internal storehouse that feeds (elevated) or feeds ON (unelevated) our human thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts/emotions generate the energy we emit into the atmosphere which, in turn, defines our rhythm that keeps our wheels within the big wheel spinning smoothly.
Long ago in my meditations God told me repeatedly that I must pray without ceasing (A LOT!) and BELIEVE what I say I believe in. When God speaks, I listen...and execute. On every prayer altar in my crib (I have several), I have the word BELIEVE and something that reminds me to pray. Everything in my life is a psalm of sorts...with prayer somewhere in the mix. Pictured is one of my fav settings of Man and Wombman in prayer (Joseph and Mary, Sango and Osun, Osiris and Isis, etc.) and the word BELIEVE. I meditate on this visual every single day so that it has become a part of my natural thought pattern, which defines my daily rhythm and causes me to pray throughout the day and BELIEVE what I say I believe in.

#6 The Immutable Law of Rhythm states that everything in existence vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish our seasons, cycles, stages of development, patterns, etc. Rhythm reflects the ritualistic nature and order of God's great universe. Everything in existence is involved in a kind of cipher or dance...swaying, flowing, swinging back and forth, up and down, round and round. One move builds upon or influences the next. What seems to be random is actually very orderly. The law of rhythm also governs our economy, health, relationships, and spirituality.

Meditate on what you need RIGHT now. What is your rhythm? What do you think on the most? What are your daily rituals?Take inventory of the space around you and assess whether or not the energy, colors, visuals in your space or on your prayer altar are:
1. Life sustaining
2. Representative of the thoughts you need to generate
3. Supportive of manifestation
4. Meaningful to you
5. In keeping with your spiritual beliefs and rituals

If you DON'T have a prayer altar, RE-READ this post and get started. A prayer altar for one who manifests is water to a fish.
If you do have an altar, take this time at home to clean, shine, re-consecrate and awaken your altar. Make sure it reflects what you plan to manifest into physical form from the heavens...and spend lots of time there in gratitude.
Faith + Work = Manifestation


The 7th Natural Law of Gestation

On this full moon... 
I am sending love to all who stayed with me over the last 7 days as we explored
my favorite 7 Immutable Laws that I live by...and now, hopefully, you will too. 
Tonight is the April Super Moon and the earth is ripe for our eventual manifestation if we plant good seeds. Gestation is the divine growth process between conception and birth within the womb. It is also the development of something over a period of time. For every seed, there is a divine gestation period that the seed needs in order to establish itself from blueprint into full physical form. Tonight's full moon is the PERFECT time to plant some GOOD seeds and turn this shelter in place into a divine journey.

#7 The Natural Law of Gestation states that everything takes time to manifest. Life is a process, not an outcome. All things have a beginning and grow and transform as more energy is supplied over time. Thoughts are like seeds planted in our fertile minds that bloom into our physical experience. EVERYTHING begins in the mind. All the other Laws, in my mind, hang on this one because the other natural laws are intrinsic to our human gestation process. They are earthly keys that unlock the great mysteries and favor that await the enlightened. What we think/do will eventually give birth to something else and so on and so forth.

Use this time to meditate on what you need most right now in your life. Consider your goals and objectives and allow Spirit to speak to you in the silence of your mind. Be open and forgiving and loving to self and have some intentional journal time with just you and GOD. Be very intentional about who you are praying to and what you are praying for. Be clear. Take it from me; you don't wanna plant WRONG seeds in fertile soil, LOL. You don't know WHAT might materialize. Haste makes waste so take your time but be consistent. Create purposeful patterns in your life: listen and talk to your body, give thanks every morning, pray ritualistically.
May God and the Ancestors be pleased by our efforts.



The Blue within distance is quite comforting.
Blue is associated with the 5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra, which governs our communication, self expression and stimulates our ability to communicate our deepest truths.
Like gazing into the morning and the midnight sky...
It's the full moon cycle so I've been looking into the heavens often...opening myself to Spirit so that I can hear what messages come to me. It is good to stop and gaze upon the sky several times a day to think, have a moment of gratitude and to simply give our spine a rest from the downward pull of gravity.
Last night and this morning after I spent some time in the sky and took these photos, I sat on the floor in my room and journaled about my faith, peace, intuition, creativity and mystery of the unknown. When I meditate on the color blue, these are the things that inherently float to the top of my mind. It's actually more a feeling that inspires me

Full Moon Journaling: Take some time to clear your mind and meditate on the color blue; a blue moon, a blue stone, a blue flower, a blue sky, etc. After a while, allow your raw feelings to float to the surface without the interference of the personality. Let all other frivolous thoughts float out of your mind like colorful balloons. Let the color blue fill your mind. Write down your emotions. What did the blue within your mind reveal to you? What physical sensations did you experience? What visuals resonated in the blue? Analyze your full moon message and keep it with you all week long. Revisit it, meditate every morning, evening or both, and write! The more you write, the more you will retain. #facts #lifelessons #moonmaiden #thecolorblue #fullmoon 

Introspection meditation

Calm your busy mind...

Sit with this quiet meditation when you awake, 
in the middle of your busy day or at night before slumber.
Be well, of mind and spirit.


A Simple Meditation for the Times...

Keep it Moving in times of adversity...
Sometimes the "movement" is learning to be still.

Sunday Soul Food

One thing is for sure. Nothing in this earth happens that God doesn't ALLOW to happen. Sometimes man and his gluttony causes mess to happen that God will step aside and allow for our learning. Knowing the omniscient, omnipotent power of my Creator, I consider what is happening in the earth, the constraints that have been placed upon my/our freedom, the pre-virus hustle and bustle that everyone seemed to be under...the pressure and struggle of surviving in today's society.
I sit in quiet meditation, reminiscent of Paul when he was thrown into the Lion's Den but God favored Paul and shut the mouths of the Lions that were intended to devour him. See, God still allowed Paul to enter into the Lion's Den, and through Paul's adversity God made His presence known and protected Paul. In this divine wisdom and awe at the favor and presence of God, I sit in silence to hear what God would have me to do at a time like this.πŸ™‡πŸΎ‍♀️πŸ‘£πŸ€¦πŸΎ‍♀️
I use my soul food analogy because when you are running a household with grown folks and teenagers, order/diet/sustenance/energy are extremely important...and one of the last things I asked God to give me before this virus thing reared it's ugly head is more hours in the day to perfect my quick recipes that are full of colorfull, soul-edifying goodness and foods that my children will actually eat. They love everything from yellow curry, collard Greens and bright rutabaga to orange yams, bananas bread, fish and smoked turkey. Both my teens are athletes so they need good food and I need more time!
But GOD...
In the blink of an eye, I am suddenly at home with exactly what I requested: more hours in the day to perfect my culinary craft. Not exactly how I imagined I'd get the extra hours, lol. But who the heck am I to question? #gottafeedthesebabies And the blessings continue beyond the kitchen O! I now have more time to: *fill in the blank!!!!* I channel all anxious thoughts of running around outsideπŸƒπŸΎ‍♀️ into the work I must do for my job and my personal life. It's as though time has stopped (something else I used to wish for in a crunch...watch what you ask for), and since obedience is better than sacrifice, I am organizing my life! Re/reading my books! Journaling! Thinking! Planning! Empowering! Decorating! Cleaning! Redirecting and Increasing my meditation game! *And the church said, "AMEN!!" #Elevate #HappySundayLove


Sacred Valley anecdotes.
Re-vision your vision board
This time is a ONEderfull opportunity to do alllllll the things we know we should do in our busy, everyday lives. Those things that truly feed the soul. What the world intends for evil, God will use for the GOOD of those who are in tune with Spirit. Use your time wisely.
One of my daily activities is revisiting my vision boards. Ohhhh the revelations and deep moments of gratitude and self-actualization! Please do not let them collect dust. You took the time to connect with Spirit to create your board now, with intention, let the alchemy begin!
1. Find your comfy space. If you are sitting, place your vision board in front of you with candles, a salt lamp or some soothing ambiant lighting (pic 1). If you prefer to lay down, place your visionboard above you on the ceiling (pic 2).
2. Isolate your goals/affirmations. Read them line by line and make each one it's own meditation
3. If you are practicing journal meditation, write each one down, then reflect and write...reflect and write. Reflect on what these goals/affirmations mean to you in the current moment. Have you reached your goal? Has this goal changed? Are you embodying your intentions? Do you feel affirmed?
4. If you are lying down, meditate on each goal/affirmation asking yourself the questions in #3. Instead of writing, however, allow your mind to float into the silence of the mind to hear Spirit. Pay attention to your feelings around each self-question.
5. Do not expect answers, simply apply the law of infinite potentiality which says that in our essential state of being, we are pure consciousness....all possibilities and infinite creativity.
Enjoy the valley!

Venus Vase

Sacred Valley Anecdotes.
Make your own Venus vase.
Women ARE from Venus, right? lol.
So a Venus vase is simply a pretty vase for your plant or flowers that invokes emotion, beauty, love, creativity, etc, into your personal space. I created a Venus vase for LOVE.
1. Find a pretty glass bowl or vase, the size is totally up to you!
2. Fill the bottom with river rocks, aquarium stones, or sea shells. About 1/3rd of your Vase.
3. Add a second layer of medium sized semi-precious stones. Be sure to research the meaning of the stones because you want to be intentional about the energy of your Venus vase.
4. Next, take a good and faithful Pothos stem/plant or any water-rooting plant and place inside of the vase. Add water, and hold it in place with more stones.
5. Top it off with your favorite large stones, such as Rose Quartz (love), Onyx (protection), Quartz (clarity), Amethyst (Peace), etc., etc.
Alchemy: Plants release energy/oxygen into the atmosphere via the leaves and stems. Place your Venus vase in the window or under good light, bc the (love) green plant cells containing chlorophyll will absorb, store, release, regulate and photosynthesise using the light energy amplified by the energy of the semi-precious stones, and the result will be the transmission of beautiful, meditative, peaceful energy into your space.
From your friendly (former) Scientist. <3 #Venusvase


Gele Day 2019 with Master Teacher Shola Caroline Arewa

I had an amazing time with Master Teacher, Energy4Life Coach and Author of Opening to Spirit, Shola Caroline Arewa, who traveled from London for a week to do some workshops for my nonprofit organization the Wrap Your beYOUty Movement.
Do you believe that angels walk among us? Do you believe that when we see them, they see us? 
Hosting Shola for Gele Day 2019 is a true Sankofa moment for me, marking the first time I consciously made contact with an earth Angel who actually gave me her book almost 20 years ago. I was 28 years old, unmarried, a single mother and on the beginning of my initiation to receive my Hand of Ifa. My godmother had sent me on an assignment to complete at Transitions bookstore. I was being trained on how to use my natural Ase', so my assignment this day was to let Spirit lead me to choosing my next book to read for the next leg of my initiation. So there I was, sitting "criss-cross-applesauce" in the middle of one of the isles in the bookstore. The adjoined cafe was full of members/friends from the Ausar/Auset society so it was especially challenging to find my inner quiet to meditate. I remember sitting and thinking, "How the heck am I supposed to know what to do? I cant even hear my own thoughts." I was a little frustrated but determined. In that moment an elder man's voice answered me as though he could read my mind! 
"This is a good thing you are doing, young sister. Let spirit guide. The answers are right in front of you." He said. I opened my eyes and looked up to find an elder quaintly dressed Black man in a shirt and slacks. I felt warm instantly and began to share with him what I was trying to do. He listened patiently and then extended his hand to help me off the floor. He pointed to a book right in front of me and pulled it from the shelf. It read, "Opening to Spirit." He told me that this book was what I needed and to study the wisdom in this book. We walked and talked on our way to the register. He made my visit so easy and I was so incredibly grateful thinking of how proud my godmother would be. When we got to the register he wrote a note in the front of my book and then insisted on paying for it!!! I couldnt believe it. I was full of joy and began to share with the girl at the register what an amazing day I was having. As she bagged up my book I turned to thank "Mr. Donathan" again but like POOF he was gone. Where he went? I will never ever know. What I know in my heart? He was my Angel that day. He gifted me Shola's book which began my journey as the Spiritual Healer I am to this day...to my core. We have come full circle and I have my village of Queens with me to experience this healing. It doesn't get much better than that. #Facts

5am early rise with my Creator. 
Grateful for this breath I've been given, once again, this day. 
New moon vibrations give inspiration to my Spirit. 
I am present and mindful of my purpose here. 
I sit before my prayer alter and meditate on my beautiful gladiolus that were gifted me. 
They dance before me, stems outspread and curvaceous and regal. 
I imagine that I embody their glory. I close my eyes and say prayers for the souls of those no longer with us in flesh but forever with us in Spirit, from the beautiful daughter of my sister Kandase Khepra, Maatkara, to our community power house sister Jada Russell. 
I am full. 
My heart is both heavy and light. 
In their honor, I live. I grow. I love. 
Olodumare, Ibaiye, Ibaiye tonu; I give praise to GOD, 
the owner of existence and those who have made the sacrifices for life. 
Kosi Ku gbogbo ajogun; keep away all negativity. 
J'eki ni Alafia ati Iwa; give me peace, prosperity and good character. 
Today is the day the Lord has made, and I shall rejoice and be glad in it. 
AsΓ© O!❤

The temple body is sacred. Any jewels I adorn my temple with serve a purpose and/or have spiritual significance in my cipher. This vintage medallion has been with me 18 years. Horses are one of Sango's sacred animals and these beautiful creatures represent transformation and freedom. Just like my horse...darkness cannot hold me...I emerge from the shadows and RISE.✨✨✨🧜🏿‍♀️


New Moon Meditation - Balancing the Emotions

It's the NEW MOON! (ready?)
There is much spiritual work to be done.
I say this repeatedly on my social media bc I know the power of repetition. A tried and true tool for instruction. I am encountering far too many humans who do not know how to quiet their minds, or meditate, or sit alone in silence for long periods of time...these are all necessary tools for real mental, spiritual and emotional growth and elevation. Without it, adults behave as children and children as adults. Just take a look around.
Centering is important and this New Moon for me is about centering the emotions and quieting the intellect. Not silencing...just quieting. The intellect is the dwelling place of the ego and loves to rival the emotions. So this new moon is about balancing the emotions that have taken a real beaten by the ego. We have all been affected by the ego in numerous ways. Emotions are meant to guide and "feel" and discern. That lil birdie on our shoulder that tells us what we know we should do speaks through our emotions. But today's lawless society teaches us to medicate the emotions so we can do what we gotta do to feed the ego. So the ego is what's driving this ship. Below is a simple meditation that I have used for years and years...so much so that it's more like a prayer to me now. Center your thoughts (mind) so that you can hear your true emotions. Dispel any lingering negative thoughts that creep into your psyche daily...it's in the air we breathe. There is much spiritual work to be done...but we have got to be in a space to hear from Spirit if we are to do the works of the Spirit. Each day we must be made NEW.
"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
~The Scriptures