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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sacred Valley anecdotes.
Re-vision your vision board
This time is a ONEderfull opportunity to do alllllll the things we know we should do in our busy, everyday lives. Those things that truly feed the soul. What the world intends for evil, God will use for the GOOD of those who are in tune with Spirit. Use your time wisely.
One of my daily activities is revisiting my vision boards. Ohhhh the revelations and deep moments of gratitude and self-actualization! Please do not let them collect dust. You took the time to connect with Spirit to create your board now, with intention, let the alchemy begin!
1. Find your comfy space. If you are sitting, place your vision board in front of you with candles, a salt lamp or some soothing ambiant lighting (pic 1). If you prefer to lay down, place your visionboard above you on the ceiling (pic 2).
2. Isolate your goals/affirmations. Read them line by line and make each one it's own meditation
3. If you are practicing journal meditation, write each one down, then reflect and write...reflect and write. Reflect on what these goals/affirmations mean to you in the current moment. Have you reached your goal? Has this goal changed? Are you embodying your intentions? Do you feel affirmed?
4. If you are lying down, meditate on each goal/affirmation asking yourself the questions in #3. Instead of writing, however, allow your mind to float into the silence of the mind to hear Spirit. Pay attention to your feelings around each self-question.
5. Do not expect answers, simply apply the law of infinite potentiality which says that in our essential state of being, we are pure consciousness....all possibilities and infinite creativity.
Enjoy the valley!