Featured Mindful Meditation

Calming Affirmations from the Heart & Soul

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

5am early rise with my Creator. 
Grateful for this breath I've been given, once again, this day. 
New moon vibrations give inspiration to my Spirit. 
I am present and mindful of my purpose here. 
I sit before my prayer alter and meditate on my beautiful gladiolus that were gifted me. 
They dance before me, stems outspread and curvaceous and regal. 
I imagine that I embody their glory. I close my eyes and say prayers for the souls of those no longer with us in flesh but forever with us in Spirit, from the beautiful daughter of my sister Kandase Khepra, Maatkara, to our community power house sister Jada Russell. 
I am full. 
My heart is both heavy and light. 
In their honor, I live. I grow. I love. 
Olodumare, Ibaiye, Ibaiye tonu; I give praise to GOD, 
the owner of existence and those who have made the sacrifices for life. 
Kosi Ku gbogbo ajogun; keep away all negativity. 
J'eki ni Alafia ati Iwa; give me peace, prosperity and good character. 
Today is the day the Lord has made, and I shall rejoice and be glad in it. 
Asé O!❤