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Monday, December 25, 2017

The last few days have been such a time of reflection as I envision what the future holds in my heart. My visual piece (I am fond of visual aids to assist me in my intention setting), is one of my favorite sacred images of Black Jesus and is the oldest known Coptic (Egyptian) image of Black Jesus to date, and pre-dates even the image of Black Jesus in the church of Rome from the 6th century. Spiritually, I am kindred to the Coptic Jesus-followers who originated in the city of Alexandria and believed that Black Jesus was one man who was both divine (soul) as much as He was human (ego). Following this example, I strive to be just as much divine as I am human, exemplifying the image of GOD, exuding the fruit of the Spirit, and mastering the duality of the human nature (ma-at/balance). This, according to the teachings of Coptic Christianity, is the plight of mankind.
My prayer this holiday season and beyond is that, regardless of the spiritual path, we as a people learn to bring the soul and the ego into a harmonious relationship. This life is far more spiritual than natural, and so many humans claiming anxiety and depression by Western terms are really suffering from a deep-seated misalignment between the soul and the ego. This is personal torment. The soul desires to fulfill our karmic debt/purpose while the ego seeks to enhance our human experience. Unfortunately, many popular Christian denominations seek to eradicate the ego altogether, but ironically this is not Spirit-U-Well at all. True Spirituality charges us to work consciously and with divine intention towards reducing the conflict between the soul and the ego as we travel the narrow path towards karmic fulfillment in tandem with human expression of the ego. My ego and my TRUE self (soul) have more good days than bad together as I strive each day to relax my ego-mind so that she gives way to my soul-authentic true self...because you see, the way my life purpose is set up, we're all in this thing TOGETHER and for the LONG haul. And the Church said...Ase! Amen! So shall it be!