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Monday, October 8, 2018

This ancient ritual seems to have lost value over time as a result of an instant gratification seeking society. When we pray it's usually because we need something to happen right away. When we pray for a blessing, we want to feel blessed immediately. When we pray for protection, we want to feel safe immediately. When we pray for deliverance, we want to be immediately delivered. If change doesn't happen at the speed in which we feel it should, then we often conclude that prayer doesn't work. This is as wrong as 2 left shoes. Prayer is key to LIFE, but we pray amiss. We as a people have lost our boldness...we've exchanged solidarity and faith for individualism and greed. We no longer believe in our ability to manifest. We lack the patience and perseverance of our predecessors and have forgotten how to make a way out of no way.
The breath (our spirit) provides the force we need to speak things into fruition. The breath of LIFE, then, is the prayer that is formed when we boldly use our breath to speak our words into the atmosphere. That is the work. But then we must have faith (believe) that what we speak has purpose and meaning. Hence the equation, Faith + Works = Manifestation. Prayer is divine magic, a gift that we all have access to. It is not cliché. Prayer is not a joke or a fairytale or something we do to show others we're deep. It's a manifestor's tool that's sharper than a double-edged sword. But what is a sword in the hand of a fool? A mess. And now we've got to clean up this mess and take it back to source. We've got to pray for one another and use our divine breath to bless, not curse. Ive had this little box since college and have been meditating on it's message for years. (Real) prayer changes things. This ancient ritual is tried and true and will be the theme of my ritual bonfire release later this month. Stay tuned... and prayed up. Happy Sunday Love!❤