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Sunday, October 22, 2017

I am hoping those prayer alters are coming along. We should all have one. It's not a matter of religion, but spirit. We are communal, ritualistic beings so we must be cognizant of what "rituals" we partake of. What better ritual than prayer/deep thought/meditation. To the ancient Blacks of the Nile Valley, to reach Maat (truth, justice, balance and morality) was the highest ethical goal for the spirit. The natural law that we must subscribe our mind to in order to attain Maat is the Law of Reciprocity; The Most High God the Creator gives us life, and in return we offer our life-sustaining gifts back to the Creator in the form of prayer and supplication (worship). That's the significance of having a prayer alter in your personal space...it serves as a sort of portal between our world and the next and, according to the ancients, this ritual in itself is Maat. And of course, Maat is one of the foundational requirements of manifestation.