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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Loooooove this song...
It is good for mothers who meditate on their children...
it exudes protection, love, motherhood...
I would sit by candlelight when my children were young 
and put this song on repeat once they were fast asleep. 
My mommy meditation time.
She sings, "A looooooooooooove that never dies, 
for my dear infant eyes..."
There were times in which I might even shed a tear over such pure melodic beauty that seemed to kiss my ears. 
Her words somehow identified with 
my innermost thoughts 
& concerns like magic,
Jean Carnes milky smooth voice would dance around the room, missing no corners,
flowing through my soul, 
mother to mother...woman to woman.
This is one that I will keep in rotation forever.
I dedicate it to my womb seeds,
Christopher, Vashti & Ayden...
My earthly seeds,
Mahogany, Malachi & Meaghan...
and the precious seeds everywhere.

 <3 Kreative Pilar